January 16, 2021
  • January 16, 2021

What Are Some Natural Methods To Decrease The Severity Of Arthritis Foot Discomfort?

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Feet that have a serious arthritis condition are going to be tough to get around on. A serious arthritis condition is going to induce a lot of pain. Usually a sufferer of foot arthritis will begin to make decisions based on the condition. Some of these would include whether or not to go out for dinner. Taking the kids or grand kids out to the movies. Going out to a popular night spot with their spouse.

Before they know it their whole life is being controlled by their arthritic feet condition, and they do not know what to do about it. The condition usually does not impact people who are very young. As people begin to age though this is when the condition shoes itself. Seeing as how most of us have put our bodies through so much when we were younger, it sets us up for arthritic feet when we get older.

The methods and procedures available to treat a foot arthritis problem may be too expensive for some. Then you will have those who have already tried just about every treatment there is and all they have been able to do is get minimal relief. Here is the good news, you do not have to rely on only traditional treatments to deal with arthritic feet problems. There are actually several natural ingredients as well as substances that can work wonders. Now before you go thinking these are not going to do much for you, read them over carefully and understand why they are going to work.

The first treatment, if you want to call it such, would include you making drastic changes to your diet. Oftentimes people have foot arthritis because their diet is so bad. Not only can a healthy diet help arthritic pain, but it can also help with general foot pain. In order to do this the right way you will have to sacrifice a lot of the bad processed foods you are eating now.

These foods are loaded with chemicals and other unhealthy garbage that offers no redeeming value as far as nutrients are concerned. The good thing with changing your diet is you can focus only on those foods which are known to help with the pain associated with foot arthritis, such as pain and inflammation in the feet. If you are one of the few people that already has a good diet, then you can add these healthy foods to it.

The first types of foods people need to add to their diet would be any food that has a high concentration of Omega 3. You have surely heard of the benefits of Omega 3, especially the Omega 3 that comes from eating cold water fish. You might even be consuming fish oil pills right now to help you. The problem is you would be better off getting this Omega 3 from foods. Your body is going to have a much easier time absorbing the Omega 3 as well as other nutrients when they are consumed through food. You want to get good quality fish, the kind that is going to come from good stores such as Whole Foods or Sendiks.

Some of the fish you want to look out for would include tuna, wild Salmon and mackerel. You can easily consume either one of these foods in a light sandwich or even as a part of a salad you make. You do not want to fry the fish you get either. You either want to bake it or smoke it. This is going to ensure the majority of the nutrients in the fish stay inside of it so your foot arthritis condition can be helped. Also, deciding to eat fish with a salad is going to do wonders when it comes to increasing the taste of the fish itself.

Besides from eating fresh fish that contains a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids in them, you can also help foot arthritis pain by adding a lot of citrus fruit to your diet. One of the best fruits you can start with would be oranges. Oranges, as we all know, are one of the best sources to get high doses of vitamin C. Sure, you can get these through vitamin supplements, but it is going to be better to get it from fruits. The oranges you choose you will want to be of the best quality. Organic should be the way to go.

You do not have to overspend at a place like Whole Foods in order to get organic oranges either as you might think. There are any number of farmers markets in your area, assuming you live in a big city, that will have organic fruits like oranges for way cheaper than Whole Foods. You can benefit by eating other fruits and vegetables as well that are going to include vitamins to help fight foot arthritis. These are going to be loaded with vitamins, A, B, D, and E. All of these, when they are consumed on a regular basis, will help a person alleviate the severity of an inflammation problem associated with foot arthritis pain.

Look for pineapples when you go to the store, as well as strawberries. Also look for grapefruits and lemon. These two fruits are known to be a good source for vitamins, and they are actually pretty tasty to eat. You can decide to be wild with it and blend them up together to drink them as a juice. There are several juicers on the market that make this fast and easy for you to do. This way you can make a large supply and it will last you for a long time. You will be able to consume one glass or several glasses per day in order to not only help with foot arthritis pain, but boost the functioning of your immune system as well.

Take eating these foods seriously, and cut back on the garbage in your diet. Your foot arthritis pain will get better as long as you are consistent with eating the right foot arthritis fighting foods.

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