January 16, 2021
  • January 16, 2021

Treat Your Online Writing as a Business

By on May 11, 2020 0

In recent months I started writing articles online. I had no previous writing experience, and did not see much coming from it. I was wrong. Writing at home is a business. You should do everything to treat it as such.
Use your computer area as an office. This should be your main area to write. You should make it as comfortable and convenient as possible. You should also have a quiet area to work. Do not be distracted by television, cooking, cleaning, radio, or children if you do not have to. Some circumstances may be a little different, but you will write better without major distractions while you are working.
Set goals for your business. A business should have financial goals, as well as a plan to attain the amount of finances you would like. Start with small goals that can be accomplished quickly. When you attain your first goals, it will make you strive for a larger goal. As with any business, you should set deadlines for yourself. Deadline will help you push harder to accomplish your goals. As you go you may set goals that are harder to reach, but you will be able to push harder to reach them.
Schedule your work and home time. You should try to have different times for both. I am guilty of cooking, or cleaning while I am working. This is a major distraction for me. When I sit down and concentrate, I accomplish much more. I have found that when I write my schedule down, I am more likely stick to it. I tend to get a better quality of writing, and am able to publish more.
Treat all income as a business income. You will need to do this because the government will. You will be required to report these earnings, and pay taxes on them. Since you will owe taxes on your income, you will also have deductions. Track all of your expenses that deal with your writing business. This will include; utilities, computer and Internet. There may be even more deductions depending on your writing projects.
Writing online is a business, and can be very profitable. You should keep proper records, track goals, and schedule your time. If you treat your writing a a business, you will be able to accomplish your financial needs. Remember, when you write an article you earn on it for years. Therefore, you can work hard for a few months, and enjoy the income for a lifetime.

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