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The Glue that Holds the Internet Together is Trust

By on May 15, 2020 0

Trust is the only virtue that keeps business as usual on the net. Interesting phenomena in an unseen realm of business that, in the end, make the invisible world of the Internet a success must never be violated.
Starting with the economics of the daily aspect of doing business, merchants must be reliable and trustworthy. Nothing new, but it is especially important due to the unseen nature of buying and selling on the Internet.
Next, the value of writers is of utmost importance. Somewhere, in the scheme of things lays the promise of a place for advertisers to sell their wares. Writers, who contribute topics from A to Z, supply the tags not unlike bases in the game of baseball.
The A to Z must hold interest and integrity, and apply to the wares that are being sold. Yet this is the East meeting West of the olden days. Writers are normally of the free and creative genre, and advertising products is a cut and dried sort of art.
What it is that connects the two is a made of delicate material. In any event, that material hangs in the balance of trust.
How do these two worlds connect?
First of all, the arrangement may be contrived. A writer, almost like consulting a crystal ball, may first check on the topics in demand. This entails a mere checking of statistics, which can be easily accessed through the power of analytics.
The computing world is good at this. All of the metrics from A to Z phenomenally start with a tool that is as simple as an abacus. Please excuse the digression, but the abacus is all-powerful on the net.
Though it goes back to the most elementary way of accounting for numbers, it becomes, in a more complex way, how to keep up on popular trends as well as the basic way that computers work.
Facing the fact that business is the survival of Internet functions, it isn’t a nary-the-twain-shall-meet enterprise.
Combinations of opposites reside here. As per usual, creativity and business accounting are two diverse functions. Right brain and left-brain, if you will.
The thread that ties these together is artistically ephemeral. What is that thread? It is trust.
The companies must deliver on the goods. The buyer must trust Paypal or whatever banking institution they use, and the advertiser must deliver. The writer is paid for his or work for which the advertiser needs to refer a potential client’s interest.
All of the above must deliver in good faith. Money changes through invisible hands, and everyone does their job. Does this sound like a value system? It is. Any one particular link in the chain of events cannot be short changed.
It’s almost a spiritual endeavor, or at least it should be, as it may be the last bastion of hope for the economy.
It’s like a delicate, yet strong hive. Once any of these functions collapses, so does the Internet.
Because of the lack of face to face encounters, the trust factor is mostly and simply an either/or issue. Did all of the parties involved deliver on their part of the deal?
If one cell in the hive collapses, all parties involved are affected. The beautiful simplicity is that none of these obligations are very difficult to fulfill in order to make the Internet trustworthy and successful.

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