November 25, 2020
  • November 25, 2020

Pain In Bottom Of The Foot: Do Not Let It Slow You Down

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Are you currently being hindered because you have pain in the bottom of the feet? Pain in this area can really weigh on you, no matter how much you ignore it. You must get help and educate yourself on what might be the cause.

 What are the causes of pain in the bottom of the foot?

The reality is there can be several causes for pain in the bottom of the foot. When a person experiences pain in the arch or the heel area, they need to take careful note of when the symptoms started and what they are. A medical professional is going to ask questions regarding the type of pain you might be experiencing and this is going to assist them in determining what the condition might be. It is also going to help them come up with the best course of treatment.

 What is the most frequent pain experienced at the bottom of the foot?

When a person starts to feel pain in the bottom of the foot, it is usually experienced in the form of heel pain. A person is going to notice that this pain seems to be most severe when they get up in the morning or after any period of rest. It is typically linked to a tight ligament at the bottom of the feet referred to as the plantar fascia. A simple X-ray will usually show that there is a spur at the bottom of the heel. And this needs to be treated immediately.

 What if the pain in the bottom of the foot is of a burning nature?

Most people who complain about pain at the bottom of their feet usually say it is aching pain. In some cases the pain can be experienced as a burning sensation though. When there is a burning sensation in this area, then it might be caused by a condition known as Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. It may also be caused by Peripheral Neuropathy. People who suffer from diabetic conditions usually will have this type of burning pain at the bottom of the foot.

 Pain in the back of the heel and in the middle of the arch

If a person has pain that is located in the back of the heel it is usually because of small bony enlargements, a condition known as Haglands Deformity. They might also have spurring in the Achilles tendon or what is referred to as Achilles tendonitis. Pain that is in the middle of the arch might be linked to tiny rock like knots that come about because of Plantar Fibromatosis. In either of these cases a foot doctor would have to run several tests to confirm.

Pain in the bottom of the foot can really slow a person down and make everyday life really tough. Odds are you are not in the minority if you suffer from pain in this area. Knowing the most frequent pain symptoms to look for and being able to get to a foot specialist to properly convey them to is going to help.

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