January 16, 2021
  • January 16, 2021

How Senior Citizens Can Care For Their Feet Better

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You do a lot of things with your feet throughout your entire lifetime. Assuming you have lived well, your feet should be in good shape as you reach old age. Everyone is not going to have this benefit though. These are going to be the people who did not take good care of their feet when they were younger. During youth and even into their adults years they might have been able to avoid foot problems, but now old age has caught up with them and all the consequences of bad foot care are beginning to catch up with them.

There is not much you can do about how you lived in the past, but there is something you can do in your golden years in order to make sure your feet stay healthy. The first thing you will need to do is make the needed changes to the type of footwear you put on. Your feet might have been a certain size when you were younger, but did you know that feet actually get bigger as people get older. There are specific reasons why feet will increase in size as we age, and it is because the arch of our feet is always falling because of the daily stress we put them through.

In order to be sure that in your old age you are not putting your feet at risk, you will need to have your feet measured again. This will ensure you are buying the appropriate type of shoes so you can get the support you need. Also, be warned that your feet, even though they might get bigger, will not both get bigger. You might actually be put in the position of having to wear different size shoes on each feet in order to ensure proper support.

Next, when you were younger the skin on your feet might have been very thick. This meant you were not at risk for certain feet problems. Now, because of age, your skin is not going to be as thick anymore. The skin is going to be much thinner, and the cushioning that used to be on the ball of your foot will have been reduced. What does this mean. It means the types of shoes you wore when you were younger you will not be able to wear in your golden years. Your feet are going to be more susceptible to getting blisters, bunions, and corns.

So the shoes you wear will have to have the needed inside cushioning in order to make up for this. You can also help your case even more by wearing the right type of socks. When you are are older, you have to constantly be on the watch for problems with the feet that can lead to more serious conditions. You want to always be checking your feet for bumps, blisters and bruises, because these things can cause foot ulcers or different infections.  If these problems are caught in time you should have no problem avoiding complications.

Another condition that senior citizens have to be on the lookout for would be the problem of Gout. Gout is a problem that usually only effects older people, mostly men over the age of fifty. Gout is a condition that happens when a lot of uric acid accumulates inside of the joints. What happens when there is a lot of uric acid in the joints is the feet, especially the big toes, will become red, will start to ache, and they will be swollen. In order for an older person to deal with the condition of gout they will need to make sure they are getting the needed rest.

They will also need to make sure they elevate their feet as much as they can, because this helps. If a senior citizen is suffering a lot because of the pain and the swelling associated with gout, then they will need to take some anti-inflammatory drugs in order to deal with the problem. Some of these can be found over the counter at a local drug store, but the ones that will be the most effective can only be given to you by a doctor. Do not take anything if you are unsure it is going to work.

There are also other foot problems that older people need to watch out for and know how to deal with, because as people get older they have a higher chance of getting one of these conditions. Ingrown toenails would be something older people have to look out for, because as people get older the nails get really thick and they also become brittle.

Then you have the problem of bunions, which will be made worse if a person does not stop wearing the wrong type of shoes that likely caused the condition in the first place. You also have to watch out for corns and calluses, because these are going to have a much bigger  impact on someone who is older versus someone who is younger.

As a senior citizen you have probably made a lot of good investments that are giving you the ability to enjoy the golden years of life. If this is the case you need to make one more good investment, assuming you have not made it already. You want to spend some money on a nice pair of orthopedic shoes in order to keep your feet safe from bruises and other scraps that might occur.

These shoes will also offer superior support for your feet and allow you to get around without having to worry about getting tired out or aggravating another condition you might have. You should go for the type of shoes that are lace-ups, this way you will be able to make changes to the size in order to deal with potential swelling problems in your feet. Be sure your shoes also are not making your toes feel cramped.

Follow these rules and your feet should continue to carry you well throughout your golden years.

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