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Buy Blackberry PlayBook In India, Get Free Blackberry Curve

By on May 31, 2020 0

Blackberry PlayBook tablets have not been selling well and with the increased sales competition in India, RIM has created a promotion where if you purchase a Blackberry PlayBook, they will give you a free Blackberry Curve 8250 to go along with it. This offer is only available in India for a limited period of time as reported by The Times of India. This promotion starts today through November 30th and corresponds with the festival of light celebration in India.

India has seen a big influx of tablets, with the Apple iPad being the most desirable tablet in India along with a large number of Android tablets coming from Asian manufacturers this year. That has made it difficult for RIM to sell the desired number of Blackberry PlayBook’s in India this year which has forced them to make this very special offer. More then likely, this has something to do with the bad reputation that RIM received with the recent outages that happened in various parts of the world. On top of that, India is very successful for RIM for their Blackberry phones and they need to repair their reputation.

Since the PlayBook still does not have native Blackberry Mail and Blackberry Messenger services which require you to tether to a Blackberry phone, this looks to be the best situation for customers. If you did not already own a Blackberry phone and were purchasing the 7 inch Blackberry PlayBook, you were at a disadvantage and were pretty much forced to purchase a new Blackberry phone to be able to take advantage of the key services from RIM. With this, RIM eliminates one of the big drawbacks to the purchase of needed to either have a Blackberry phone or purchase one.

RIM may have to make similar offers in other countries in an effort to get the Blackberry PlayBook selling as it still does not have the desired sales numbers and support. RIM is going to have to make some promotion efforts to jump start sales for the Blackberry PlayBook as it continues to lag in numbers. That is partly due to the lack of the native services which should have been there at the launch. The lack of the promised Android shell to be able to run Android apps is still lacking and also should have been delivered by now to satisfy the needs of the Blackberry PlayBook to have a wealth of apps which can be run on it.

The Blackberry PlayBook is at a pivotal point for RIM and they must make adjusts and offer deals to turn things around the the tablet and the company.

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