January 16, 2021
  • January 16, 2021

Athletes Foot And Fighting Off The Problem Now And In The Future

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Once you have athletes foot you need to take measures to control that problem that are going to be safe and effective. You also need to make sure you are not doing anything that will cause the problem to come back once it is gone. Here are four ways you can fight athletes foot now, and in the future.

Try to use over the counter medications to fight athletes foot

f you are already suffering from athletes foot, than you need more powerful approach to handling the problem. Using over the counter antifungal treatments are one of the most effective methods to dealing with athletes foot. You can find these solutions in the form of creams, sprays, or even treatments that have tolnaftate (Tinactin), miconazole (Micatin), or undecylenic acid (Desenex). Creams are going to work really well, and powders have good absorption capabilities. Apply such treatments at least twice per day after you have cleaned and properly dried off the feet.

 Be consistent with the type of treatment you decide to use

If you use an over the counter treatment for athletes foot, do not expect it to work overnight. When you start using it, do not stop as soon as you feel your symptoms have subsided. In most cases the fungus that caused it has not gone away. You will need to keep on using the treatment for several weeks, usually three to six. Even once the problem has gone away you might want to keep on using treatment in order to keep your feet free from fungus problems.

 Do not use dangerous home treatments such as bleach

Sometimes, in a desperate attempt to dry out a fungal infection people may resort to using dangerous home solutions. These solutions usually contain very strong chemicals and solvents that are not good for the like bleach, strong alcohol, and even floor cleaners. All of these are dangerous because they irritate the skin even more and they can end up causing damage to the skin that is going to be permanent. Stay away from such treatments.

Be sure you treat your shoes with something

Chances are you likely got athletes foot because there was already a problem with the shoes you were wearing. You need to do something to protect yourself in this case, because the fungus in your shoes needs to be dealt with. If no you will only keep getting an infection every time you wear certain shoes. Try to treat your shoes by using solutions such as Lysol spray or some other type of antifungal spray or powder every time you remove your shoes.

Once you have athletes foot you have to be proactive in fighting it off. Over the counter solutions work great to deal with symptoms such as itchiness and inflammation. Being consistent with using these treatments is going to sure the problem stays under control until it ultimately goes away. Staying away from dangerous home methods that involve harmful chemicals will keep your skin safe overall, and treating your shoes every time you remove them will protect you from future problems with athletes foot.

We all know that athletes foot is not something you want to have, but we also know why people end up getting it. Preventative measures are the best way to fight against this problem, and the following four preventative measures should more than keep athletes foot away.

Be sure that you keep your feet away from wetness

When you are attempting to think of ways to keep athletes foot at bay, you have to keep in mind that is likes to grow in wet, moist areas that are dark. Any treatment methods that you would try to deal with the problem should be geared around keeping your feet from being moist as much as you can. When you engage in some sort of physical activity, be sure to take precautionary measures and preventative measures afterwards.

Be sure you keep your toes dry in between

Sometimes when you go to take a shower, you might not be getting your feet as dry between the toes as you need to. If the towel you use to dry off with after showering is not getting the job done, then you might have to consider using a hair dryer. You should aim to put it on “warm” because this would get the job done best. Do this for a few minutes and the in between of your toes should be dry.

Be sure you are cleaning your feet thoroughly as you can

One reason people get athletes foot is because they do not clean their feet as much as they need to. Particularly after doing some sort of physical activity or even walking around on a really hot day. Do your best to wash your feet at least two times a day. Be sure you are using a good soap in order to do this and warm water. The soap can be specially geared towards fighting off athletes foot. After you are done make sure you dry the feet properly.

 Give your feet the opportunity to breathe at times

Sometimes your feet are going to need to breathe, especially on a really hot day. Try to go barefoot sometimes or consider wearing open toed shoes if it is possible. This is especially important if you are going to be in a moist environment at all. If you decide that you want to go barefoot you do not want to do it just anywhere, particularly outdoors. This would only risk exposing you to getting cut, scraped, or some other sort of injury.

Athletes foot is not pleasant, but it is not something that you have to go through. Taking these preventative measures to keep it at bay will go a long way. Keeping the feet dry, properly drying in between the toes, cleaning the feet multiple times per day, and being sure to give the feet room to breathe are all measures that will minimize a persons chances of getting athletes foot. Be sure you are doing these things, especially if you engage in athletics of any kind.

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