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Arch Pain And Treating It On Your Own Or Under The Care Of A Foot Doctor

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Arch Pain And Treating It On Your Own Or Under The Care Of A Foot Doctor

Arch pain can be handled one of two ways or both. You can deal with it on your own or through a foot doctor. In most cases, simple approaches will be more than effective. Here are a few you can try.

Use cold treatments and rest to get relief from arch pain

If you have arch pain then you might be able to get much needed relief by using ice in the area. Also, you will want to stay off your feet for a little bit. Usually you will have arch pain because you have been putting too much demand on the area. Taking it easy gives your body the chance to heal. In many cases, your heels might only require a nice cushion as well as good rest in order for the problem to go away.

Do not wear shoes that have too much height on them

Right now you likely have shoes that have a lot of height. These are usually the type of shoes worn by women as well as short men who wish to look taller. The problem is these shoes are not good for the arch of the feet. Not only is it tough to walk around with these types of shoes on, but the arch is being constantly strained with them on. Shoes that do not have a lot of height are much better at supporting the feet and it is much easier to walk in them.

Limit regular daily activities if arch pain gets worse

There are a lot of symptoms that come with arch pain such as inflammation, redness, swelling, etc. When and if these conditions become worse you will have to limit your regular activities and get in touch with a doctor right away.  A podiatrist is a good option in this case, and they will be able to take careful examination of the arch area and give you a diagnostic X-ray in order to rule out any serious problems with the bones in this area.

 Try using taping as a means to help arch pain problems

If you do not want to rest the arch area too much, you can use tap as a means to take some of the pressure in this area away. Athletic tape is the best tape to use for this purpose and you can find it at the pharmacy. Tape is usually very effective for people who suffer from arch pain or plantar fasciitis, particularly when it comes about as a result of putting a lot of pressure on the area or because someone puts on sudden weight.

Arch pain is very treatable, whether it is done alone or with the help of a foot doctor such as a podiatrist. Using cold treatments and getting rest is the best first approach. Not wearing shoes with a lot of height is a good preventative measure as well as something that will stop existing arch pain from getting worse. Limiting particular activities works well, but only if you know for sure what activities are causing the most problems. Finally, using tape as a means to get relief is if one does not wish to limit activity all that much.

If you have arch pain it is probably because you are doing something or not doing something that is causing it. You can help yourself now by following some of the listed tips.

Do not sit down all day, try to get up and move around a little

When a person has to sit down all day it is one of the worst things for the feet. When a person sits all day the calf muscles will begin to get tight and this is going to pull on the tendons and other ligaments in the heels, which is going to cause discomfort. Try to get up and move around some. If you are not able to go for a walk, simply stand a few feet away from the wall, keep your feel flat on the floor as you lean into it, and lift yourself with your feet. This stretches the calf muscles and get rid of tension as well as pain in the heels.

If you have shoes that do not offer support, get rid of them

Are you one of the people who likes to wear flip flops a lot? Arch pain is usually brought on by wearing these types of shoes, because they just do not provide the needed support for the feet. In a lot of cases they do not provide any support at all. These types of shoes put strain on the calf muscles, and this can cause strain for the Achilles Tendon as well as the tissue that connects the heels. All of this is going to cause pain. If you must wear sandals, be sure they offer some arch support.

If you are overweight, consider shedding a few pounds

You might not be extremely overweight, but being even just a little overweight can cause problem. In fact, a large portion of the US population is slightly overweight or worse. If you decide to shed a few pounds you will get rid of some of the weight that is putting additional strain on muscles and tendons that are connected to your feels. It does not take much, just try to shed a few pounds a month. A pound or two a week is a realistic goal to shoot for.

Try to get some orthotics that are high quality

Othotics can help in situations of arch pain. You can also try shoe inserts. Shoe inserts will provide cushioning for the heels. These will be even more valuable for those who like to engage in sports or other activities that might be considered strenuous. If you have old shoes that are worn out, throw them away. In fact, try to get new shoes every few months or when you see that the sole is not good anymore. Shoes that are worn too much can cause Plantar Fasciitis,  which is a serious inflammation condition that effects the tissue that joins the heels and toes.

Arch pain is not something that happens overnight, it usually happens over an extended period of time doing harmful things you might not consider harmful. Start taking precautionary action now to prevent arch pain or to deal with it effectively.

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